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Selected Projects (2009—2017)

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I am a print graphic designer based in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have always had a passion for art and design. Ever since I was a child I had an inexplicable desire to express myself using color, shapes and concepts. Whether it was sewing dresses for my Barbie dolls or making wax sculptures of my favorite animals - I was always finding new ways and making up new ideas.

After high school I spent one year at a local university thinking about what I wanted to do with my career. I majored in Fine Arts taking as many drawing, painting and Art History classes as I could. Like most creatives at that age I felt like I had to make a crucial decision in life. Did I want to stick with fine arts? Or go into the commercial arts? I made the decision to transfer to The Art Institute of Charlotte and major in graphic design. There, I realized that being a commercial artist did not mean I had to give up my passion for fine art. If anything, it fueled my designs conceptually while acting as a stable foundation to launch from.

I graduated from The Art Institute of Charlotte in December of 2010 with my bachelor's degree in graphic design. I moved to Durham and started applying what I learned in my freelance graphic design work. I am always adapting my skills and finding new things to learn. Right now I offer responsive Wordpress website design and photography as a part of my freelance graphic design services. My hobbies include jewelry design, stationery design and T-shirt design for the screen printing process. Those are mainly for fun, you know, when my creative career is not creative enough.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, feel free to contact me!